Hello Friends, Family, Stakeholders and Neighbors

RBAC’s words of encouragement for youth in our neighborhood

  • Advocate for yourself. You have to ask, if things are overwhelming – L. Rubio
  • A good name is preferred to riches and gold – G. Davis
  • Breath, bring attention to your breath We are still here, we got to have each others back, you have power and can be empowered to have impact in your community – R. Barber
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the enormity of the worlds grief – T. Morales
  • It’s everyday work – P. Thomas
  • Not obligated to complete the work just don’t abandon it – T. Morales
  • No gesture is too small (like a butterfly flapping its wings, or a smile – what you do around you has repercussions – D. Sauvion
  • If you want something done you have to keep trying until it gets done – R. Barber
  • Pay forward with good deeds, it pays off at the end of the day… – D. Jackson
  • Find your passion and don’t take your eyes off of it… – D. Jackson


RBAC’s words of encouragement for the elders in our neighborhood


  • Continue being the elder, teach, stay living as an elder
  • Your life has meaning, engage your local young people, find out how to support what the young people in your family and your life are doing. Hang out with someone young. Your experience in valuable. Your love matters
  • If you see youth going in the wrong direction pull them back in so we can all gain power
  • Share the stories of something you have come through, impart a greater appreciation for the journey, in the moment be grateful for the journey and moments you have come through
  • Keep planting the seeds (words of encouragement) water them (with conversation) and watch them (youth) grow.