Hi, my name is Makayla Miles and below I bring to you RBAC highlighted staff story of the week.

Patrice Thomas is the strategist at RBAC. She has been working for RBAC since 2012. Her favorite movie is Tombstone. Tombstone is a country western movie about family, friends and making good or bad decisions. Her favorite subject in school was science. She likes to sleep when she is not working in a room that is preferably 80 degrees Patrice likes watching TV and Seattle weather. Take it easy type of days.  Born and raised in the South End of Seattle. Her favorite place to travel to is New Orleans. Her mom’s side of the family is from Louisiana. They’re not from New Orleans but enjoys New Orleans because it has so much history, art and free culture. Even throughout the storms/weather, New Orleans is still a great place to visit. She loves soul food. Besides that, her favorite dish is jerk chicken pasta from Bahama Breeze. And if she has enough room in her stomach she gets a Key Lime pie and a banana shake.


One of the things she is proudest of during her time at RBAC is helping them get into the office space they are in now. She knew the property owner because her mom rents a house from him. He owns multiple houses in Rainier Beach and he actually wanted to develop the property that RBAC is currently located. Her mom mentioned that Patrice worked in the neighborhood. Patrice and a few others were able to have a meeting where she was able to tell him about what the RB neighborhood needs. He came to town hall meeting and was able to meet David and Gregory. After a series of conversation, she was able to help put a together lease agreement and acquire the space.  She has seen more people in the neighborhood get the chance to know each other since her time at RBAC. One thing she would like to see in Rainier Beach is a job and resource center.


RBAC has been the catalyst for her life’s journey. From the time she was a teenager, she has wanted a job that helped improve people’s lives. She was able to gain her professional legs and prowers from a neighborhood organization. A neighborhood that she is from and grew up in.