Hello Makayla again! I am excited to introduce you to Tammy Morales.

Tammy spent the first thirty years of her life living in Texas. She now calls Seattle home, where she has her family by her side. Although, around the springtime she feels in her bones that it’s time to wear T-shirts and sandals. She loves music. She grew up listening to a lot of RnB, Jazz, and country music. A few favorites include Etta James and Prince.  She loves to dance although she loves something she can sing along too. Her favorite movie is Annie Hall. Whenever she needs to relax/feel good her go to movies are Parenthood, Princess Bride, and Broadcast News.

When she was a young teen she decided to take on a job as an Avon representative, because all teens want some extra money. Of course, she ordered all the makeup not realizing you had to pay it for first and ended up with a lot of makeup. Which like most teens she was too embarrassed to sell. From her early teens, she then went on to work more retail jobs. Then, she eventually ended up at Rainier Beach Action Coalition.

Tammy wears many hats at RBAC. She has been on the advisory committee for about four years and has been on as paid contractor about a year now. Tammy used to have a consulting firm that focused on food justice.  She is especially proud of her work on the food justice side. Tammy was helpful in starting the relationship between FEEST and WA-BLOC at Rainier Beach High School. Now, they are starting to work together. She loves being involved in the food innovation district and the Farm Stand raising awareness about food justice. Other things she is proud of working with organizations such as are SouthCore and Lead by communities of color. These groups are coming together to stop displacement in South End and fighting for racial equity. A change that Tammy has seen during her time at RBAC, is young people are more involved in social justice, and pushing for what their neighborhood needs. This has been a great change to the Rainier Beach neighborhood.

In 2015 Tammy ran for Seattle council to represent South Seattle. She was inspired to run because she felt like the voices of the south end were being pushed aside. At city hall, it didn’t seem like anyone was listening especially around issues of the gentrification and displacement, so she took the initiative to do something about it. Although, she didn’t win she brought more attention to the South End. When she got close to winning she realized that more media outlets were paying attention to more of the issues around here. Tammy believes she would do it all again.  Stay tuned.