In 2021, RBAC started a podcast called RBACast,  So far there have been 10 episodes and many new ideas being planned for the new year.

  In the podcasts so far we have dug deeper into some of the experiences that RBAC staff face and have had conversations about some of the programs at RBAC. There is a podcast about the Food Innovation Center, the Light Walk, and YATTA Rising all designed to give more information about what each of these programs do at RBAC.   We have also interviewed Nikkita Oliver and Chef Roy Breiman about their respective journeys.  You can check out the full list on the YouTube Channel.

Although all the podcast episodes are amazing, the first one will always be special.  After we have an idea for the podcast, we spend time producing thought provoking questions to guide a meaningful conversation.  These questions and research really make you think about what you already know about a topic or person and encourage you to dig deeper than you may not have otherwise.

In the first podcast, I interviewed Fatima Kabba who wears many hats at RBAC, while being a student, a poet, a writer, and the oldest out of all her siblings.  

This interview was inspiring for a lot of reasons. During the interview, I learned that Fatima started to create poetry to overcome negative experiences and uses her poetry to inspire other women, especially ones that look like her. It inspired me and I think anyone who listens will end up being inspired too. I also think it really inspiring that Fatima and our other guests are open enough to trust and share their experiences with the world.