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Farm Stand Fellows Presentation 

Even before Covid-19, Rainier Beach was a neighborhood affected by food insecurity. When Covid hit, it made the problem worse because events were shut down so we couldn’t get permits for the Farmstand. That  — along with food insecurity worsening — lead us to decide to make the produce free.

  • It really showed us how much the price of produce affects access to fresh produce.
  • In terms of logistics, we had a really good turn out; we gave away about 4,000 pounds of produce by the end of the season. 
  • Since the produce was given out for free, we had to order double the amount of produce due to high demand and our long lines, with the produce being all but gone in an hour, though we were initially supposed to operate from 10 am to 2 pm weekly.
  • We also had to find cold storage nearby because the community center we usually placed our produce in was closed due to Covid.
  • It brought a large amount of new people into our lives.
  • It touched a much broader community and more people.
  • What we did to reduce the risk or spread of Covid was set up a cord to prevent people from touching the produce, and we all wore gloves and rotated through them while staying distanced throughout the day.
  • We had people recieve their produce at the end of the line where there was hand sanitizer and masks provided.
  • We provided a drive through/pick up option for custom produce boxes.
  • We chose a convenient, central location by the Rainier Beach Community Center.
  • We enjoyed people’s reaction, seeing how appreciative they were for getting such quality produce grown locally.
  • People were curious to try new things and change their diet, or were able to experiment since it was free.
  • One customer shared: “My doctor loves you guys because the fresh produce keeps my blood sugar level low!”


Waste Free Communities 

Our team of three young Food Justice Fellows at Rainier Beach Action Coalition, would like everyone to learn the important information about preventing food waste in this short, 2-minute video and then take action with a simple, 3-question PLEDGE.

Our youth have translated this video into three languages. We hope hundreds of students, teachers, families, and community members take the PLEDGE.

Love Food Stop Waste  |  Video – English Version (2-minutes) 

Voiced by Hani Ahmed, 22, Food Justice Fellow, Rainier Beach Action Coalition 

Researched by Makayla Miles, 22, Food Justice Fellow, Rainier Beach Action Coalition 

Love Food Stop Waste  |  Video – Somali Version (2-minutes)  

Voiced by Bahsan Ahmed, Age 24, Food Justice Fellow, Rainier Beach Action Coalition 

Love Food Stop Waste  |  Video – Spanish Version (2-minutes)  

Voiced by Alexa Figueroa, Age 17, Sustainability Ambassadors, Chief Sealth High School  

Learn more about Seattle Public Utilities LOVE FOOD – STOP WASTE

View an extended Public Presentation (slide deck) from Seattle Public Utilities (attached)

Learn more about Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Learn more about Sustainability Ambassadors

Do your Part! Take the PLEDGE  

Thank you! Food Justice Fellows, Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Hani Ahmed

Makayla Miles

Bahsan Ahmed

This program is a partnership between Sustainability Ambassadors and the Rainier Beach Action Coalition. Funding was provided by Seattle Public Utilities, Solid Waste Division, LOVE FOOD STOP WASTE Program. 


Community Shout Outs and Thanks to WA-BLOC, God Is Church, Nurturing Roots Farm, RBAC Farm Stand Fellows, RBAC Corner Greeters Community Healing Space, Moms Demand Action, Rainier Valley Food Bank, Community PassageWays, Damascus Baptist Church

Holy Temple Evangelistic Center, Restore and Repair Missionary Outreach, Foodlife Line, RBAC Clean Crew Safeway/Albertson & David Sauvion!