A team of adults and young adults at RBAC have been working tirelessly on the Re-Creating Henderson Plan since the beginning of this year. For over half a year, this team has been working on making and handing out surveys, making the first draft of a neighborhood map, speaking with groups like SDOT and Metro, and organizing data, and you’ll see the map we’ve been crafting just below. Although the map might just be a first draft, it holds some of the initial ideas that were made from the surveys we took. There are things from brick textured roads to help with traffic safety concerns, potential mural and art locations to beautify the community, new trash can and recycle locations, and more! We love and appreciate all the community members that said what they wanted us to focus on and work towards when crafting this neighborhood plan! And of course we don’t stop here; We’re keeping the work moving forward in multiple ways right now. Lately, the team has been speaking with people from SDOT and Metro to show them our plans so far and how they can assist. Not only that, we have been creating a report for our grant funders to tell them the progress we’ve made so far, and it will include an updated version of the visual map too. 

But if you’re wondering why only the grant funders would get a full detailed report on our progress, don’t worry! Because we are collaborating with the RBAC tech team to help make a page on the RBAC website for the Re-Creating Henderson project. And that page will include the report and the updated map! We want to be as open and transparent as we can when it comes to our work, because that helps everyone be aware of what’s happening, and makes it easier for the community to let us know if we’re moving in the right direction. So please, when that page is ready, take a look and see how the community’s voice is shaping the neighborhood, and working to benefit everyone who lives, works, and studies here.