On May 12, Rainier Beach Action Coalition is proud to host the Rainier Beach 2016 Annual Town Hall Meeting at South Shore K-8.  The evening will focus on the four Action Area’s outlined in the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan; A Beautiful Safe Place, A Great Place for Everyone, Lifelong Learning & Growing Food for Healthy Industry. The work being done in the neighborhood has a direct impact on the successes of the Rainier Beach Neighborhood ACTION PLAN!

Your role will be integral as residents and organizational partners who are excited about the initiatives led in addition to being and getting others engaged. This is not only a moment to highlight yourself or your organization, it is additionally a chance to continue building our networks, enabling us to do this work from the ground up!

The program will include:  a report back on the Neighborhood Plan, update of What is and Whats happening with Communities of Opportunity, Update on ABSPFY Initiatives, how to get involved in Action Area work, Vision for our RB Community Center & Pool and MORE!

Who and what to expect, presentations, & performances from:

Got Green!
Young Workers of Color Ordinance
Habitat for Humanity
RB Housing Rehab Program & RBHS Apprenticeship Program
Ethiopian Community of Seattle & RB Associated Recreation Council
Launch of RB Marketplace!
Rainier Beach Merchants Association
Events & Community Development
Rainier Beach HS IB Program
CAS & the IB World Conference: Global Food Systems
Friends of the RBUF&W
Capital success & and the new farm!
Ty & Brittany Property Owners
Light Rail Development the Innovative Way!
Southeast Effective Development 
RB Food & Farm Hub and other projects!
With spoken word and performances from local artist and faith based institutions!

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Bring your friends, family, teammates and those that are generally interested in whats happening in Rainier Beach!