SEED designed two Rainier Valley Gateway plans, Mt Baker and Rainier Beach, which list recommendations to creating vibrant 24-hour business districts at the northern and southern entrances of the Rainier Valley. These “action” plans provides quick wins that can be implemented within 1-2 years with community and city support. It also presents recommendations that require funding support in next 1-2 years so that implementation can be accomplished in 3-6 years.

The major themes of the Gateway Plans are:

· Creating the type of environment that is conducive to more sustainable methods of transportation, including accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists.

· Identify opportunities for creating a specific, physical marker that will serve as gateways to the Rainier Valley.

· Create a dense, safe and vibrant “town center” which has a concentration of interrelated uses that provide for a range of activities to occur.

· Achieve a balance of jobs, housing retail, open space and community facilities. The essence of a mixed-use area is that it allows for opportunities to live, work, and play within the same area.

The Rainier Beach boundary is along Rainier Ave S between 51st (Safeway) and along 57th (Cafe Vignole). Mt Baker is from around the light rail station to Walden St. (Claremont Apartments) between MLK and Rainier Ave S.

SEED is requesting community feedback. The plan and survey can be found at the SEED website. After reviewing the recommendations for your neighborhood fill out the survey to let us know your priorities. The plan and survey can be viewed at .

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Gloria Ramirez. Her contact information is below.

Gloria Ramirez

Principal, CSE Planning LLC

Candidate, UW Master of Urban Planning – Real Estate

Intern, SouthEast Effective Development

Volunteer, Rainier Beach Merchants Association