The Rainier Beach Clean Crew is taking on the litter problem in Rainier Beach. You may have seen them out in the neighborhood beautifying their community. The Rainier Beach Clean Crew has a goal to “solve the litter problem” in Rainier Beach.  Funded by the City of Seattle by way of the Seattle Neighborhood Group and led by Rainier Beach Young Adults, the RB Clean Crew is a project of Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth initiative. The RB Clean Crew is operated by Rainier Beach Action Coalition. Here are notes from their recent meeting.


Ways to fill the gaps that exist in our team

Adaptive Gaps

  • Commitment
  • Team
  • Professionalism (Accountability, functioning unsupervised) – solution to this: Rely first on our own desire to be successful; be around other professional people; take breaks while in job; tip$


Ways to practice commitment, team, professionalism to make it a habit, routine. 1. Go over material – during refreshing time, All Team time, debriefing sessions, make signs out on wall. 2. Check each other – ways to check each other AM – pull him to side, share what it is; RC – low tone, speak plan, talk the way you would want to be talked to; MD – in a cool way pull me away: KN – be asked what my role is


Technical Gaps

  • Communication –
  • Litter pick up
  • Attention to detail-need to set a standard.


Ways to communicate:  1. Use Whatsap, 2. designate someone to follow up with people not present to update them on news


Ways to ensure litter pick up: 1. Designate someone to call pick up in. 


Ways to set a a standard: 1. Clean up all litter and organics (weeds, leaves etc), 2. Scout sites before we go, 3. Observe what it looks like, take pictures, 4. Identify equipment needs; have desired equipment – weed whacker, shovel, blower, safety glasses, metal brushes, masks, rakes, push broom, wagons, bags, ear plugs, use Find It, Fix it.


The RB Clean Crew takes request. Call 206.420.1010. 


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