Clean Crew

The Clean Crew is the resident Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program. They are stewards of the Rainier Beach neighborhood and have some exciting plans to close out the year. Here is a glimpse of what they (Malcolm, Deshaun, Ryan, Jesiah, and Tyree, left to right below) have in mind. 

The plan is to increase the number of youth/young adults involved in CPTED activities. They will do outreach to students at Alan Sugiyama (South Lake) and Rainier Beach High Schools during the month of October by using existing relationships with partners in both buildings. The goal is to reach out to/recruit 30 young adults and have 15 enrolled for November and December activities.  The Clean Crew will also be at the Community Healing Space (Safeway Parking Lot) each Friday in October with a goal of 15 outreached to/recruited, 8 enrolled. 

They plan to implement the following activity for the youth/young adults recruited – a Community Cleaning Competition and Scavenger Hunt.  The goal is to do 3 events in November and December.  Additionally, two CPTED Events (they prefer in-person but will also plan for virtual) will occur one Thursday in November and one Thursday in December. The topics will be “crime prevention through environmental design” and “graffiti clean-up”. These activities are intended to support knowledge of local governments, leadership and enhance self-esteem. The ideas from this plan came from the Clean Crew. Some other ideas they intend to undertake is the creation of yards that say, “RB Clean Crew Was Here… Keep It Clean, OK?”, produce a music video on the topic of CPTED, and may purchase a billboard. We are excited about these young men.  We hope you are too! Be on the lookout and if you want to help contact us at