The Beach Fives is a program currently composed of six young adults at RBAC who provide capacity-building support within the RBAC organization while also developing their leadership skills. The Beach Fives, funded by King County’s Best Start for Kids initiative and was started in 2018.   We want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the young adults who work in the program.  The “Beach 5ers’ ‘support several RBAC programs and develop their skill sets of interest in support of those programs. For example, Zion (bottom left), a photojournalist, is co-leading the work of the YATTA Rising program that is pursuing system change work in the Seattle Police Department.   Messiah (top middle) is focused on Freedomnet, and he’s also responsible for RBAC videos, flyers, and has designed a coloring book for the community-wide PBIS program. Bahsan (bottom right) is a data specialist, which has her coordinating all sign-in sheets and surveys for RBAC programs. If you’ve stopped by a Corner Greeter event, you have most likely seen her administer surveys.    Hani (bottom middle) is involved in the RBAC Credential Program that tracks the areas of work of RBAC program participants and certifies them for credentialing. She is also a part of the YATTA Rising planning and a team member.  Makayla (top right), a journalist, is also involved in Freedomnet, and she makes sure that the RBAC website gets updated so the community can know what’s going on at RBAC.  Mariam (top center) has been with RBAC since 2015 and is currently a nursing student at Seattle Central Community College, she has supported the continuous quality improvement of RBAC activity occurring at the Community Healing space. A recent activity in an attempt to deepen relationships with select community partners, the Beach Five crew had the opportunity to hold space with members from Seattle Parks & Recreation as well as Jesús Aguirre who also serves as the superintendent. In the meeting, Beach Fivers facilitated and discussed our individual organizational progress and changes. They learned Parks and Recreation has grown tremendously, in recognizing their role in racial reckoning/social justice progress they seek to be accountable for this as well as their treatment of the Rainier Beach neighborhood. Some of the takeaways were that Jesús Aguirre has a just head on his shoulders and has a genuine commitment to improving the Rainier Beach neighborhood and large interest to develop a true relationship with RBAC.