This third installation of the Disaster Gentrification Series will be an invitation. 

Check out these two photos of me taken in 2019 (by Zion Thomas) in the CD (Central District). 


The familiarity of seeing cranes in the sky and “new three-story…” signs throughout city neighborhoods has become ubiquitous (aka EVERYWHERE). This makes me, someone who has grown up and invested in Seattle, feel like we aren’t wanted here. This city (and its elected officials) have continually shown that accommodating the desires of newcomers and transplants is more important than providing basic needs and services for folx without houses, elders, and young people who call this place home. How peculiar that in a land where the original inhabitants welcomed colonizers (gentrifiers?) and taught them how to survive in this environment, that there is a transcendent cultural practice of forced displacement. The presence of the Sound Transit Light Rail has made this process accelerate (VROOM!) and COVID-19 has exacerbated every issue, while conveniently interrupting the community organizing that strives to offset these inequities. There are so many stories yet to be told about how this is impacting our communities…I could talk for hours about how I’ve seen Seattle change. What about you? 


Please complete this form if you’re interested in sharing your story of how you’ve seen, experienced, and/or been affected by gentrification.