PBIS -Community meetings start this week. If you know of organizations that might be interested in participating, connect them with Stew or Danielle.

Farmstand – David shared that Saturday at the farmstand was impressive. There was a line around the fence past the bus stop. 30+ in line. People are happy and having fun. We’re running out of food around noon generally. 4 more weeks (ends 9/25/2020). Might need some more masks from the county. Food Lifeline will continue doing food distribution on Wednesdays. 

Corner Greeters – Reinitiating the sweepers meeting this week. Last week’s healing space went pretty well. There was a car brigade for Shawn Fuhr that came through. Young people are doing really well holding down the space. FreedomNet – wanting to help encourage the CGs and the youth to write articles for the website. Want to finish the worker portfolios and bios soon.

YATTA Rising – Trying to look at SPD policies to see which ones can be changed. One policy that requires any officer under investigation to meet in person is being considered.

Beach Fresh – Is doing a budget challenge this week. Young adults are being challenged to make a meal for four people with 20 dollars.

Clean Crew – The Rainier Beach Clean Crew is working between Henderson and Director to clean up and add flowers.