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Empowering community, moving Rainier Beach forward

Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC)

is a grassroot, Black-led organization devoted to locally driven development. For over ten years, it has promoted quality education, living wage jobs, affordable transportation and housing, and building community capacity in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood.


RBAC Mission

  • Implement the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan (1997, 2014) and build a connected, sustainable and equitable community within the Rainier Beach neighborhood.
  • Promote the “made in Rainier Beach”, quality education, living wage jobs, affordable transportation and housing for all.
  • Promote a safe place where people thrive, a neighborhood the world calls home.
  • Build neighborhood capacity to enhance quality of life in Rainier Beach as well as to address critical issues threatening the welfare of Rainier Beach resident.

RBAC Engages with the Community through Four Action Areas

Programs and Projects by Action Area

A Place for Everyone


Coalition information exchange

Priority Hire

Construction training/jobs

Lifelong Learning



Backpack distribution/community connections



Leadership/career development

Restorative Resolutions

Supporting victims of gun violence

A Beautiful Safe Place

Clean Crew

Neighborhood litter/beautification patrols

Corner Greeters

“Pop up” healing activities at high-crime areas


Real-time documentation of local initiatives

Public Safety Assessments, Training, Support

Crime prevention consulting

YATTA Rising

Youth-led social justice advocacy

Growing Food to Develop Healthy Industry

Food Innovation Center

Farm Stand

Distributing free or affordable produce