In order to build a community, you have to build relationships!

Rainier Beach is in the heart of the city, with many beautiful communities surrounded by it.

New Holly, Rainier Valley, Skyway, Beacon Hill, etc.

We have another Deep Dive coming up on November 17, 2021, @ 2:30pm with PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support). At this event, you will learn ways PBIS can support you and your community by spreading Rainier Beach’s B3 values (Be safe, be respectful, and be responsible) and creating a safe space for youth.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Danielle Jackson via email at or by phone at (206)-931-2119.

In Rainier Beach, we have emergency plans set up to support and help the community if or when in need. This includes but is not limited to food plans, shelter plans, and etc. .There is an abundance of information about emergency stockpiles of supplies and shelters for this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

It’s very important that you and your family/roommates take some time to research what resources and plans are in place for your community or find out ways you can support your community and create those resources. Feel empowered to share that information as well! 

Overall site:

Rainier Beach Hub (FaceBook)

RBAC participation and summary of experience in photos, video, and headline printout.

For more details, you can contact Ron Angeles, who is the leader of the RB Emergency Hub: