On September 27th, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) contacted RBAC to participate in a neighborhood walk on September 30th to give them feedback on transportation issues and concerns.  Although the request was last minute, we were able to have someone join them. The type of issues that were raised included concerns about school traffic safety, speeding in the bus lane on Rainier Ave S, and the configuration of the Rainier Ave S and S Cloverdale St intersection, pedestrian improvements needed along S Henderson St as well as where parking and lighting improvements on Sturtevant Ave S, speeding on 51st Ave S and a request for an update on the 51st Ave S and Renton Ave S Traffic Safety Enhancements Project. (Click on the link to see the study)

SDOT officials confirmed maintenance work needs to be done and identified new maintenance improvements that are needed. The good news is that crews have started doing the work the attached document lists. We hope to have all of the maintenance work completed by the end of November.   In the meantime, SDOT will be reaching out to neighborhood organizations, businesses, schools, and community members to follow up on the items we heard about on the walk  

RBAC will work with SDOT officials to have them come to a meeting (possibly in November) where we can provide them additional comments and input about transportation and road issues of concern to the community.  Do you want to attend? If so email us at info@rbactioncoalition.org and we will send you the invite.