Rainier Beach Farm Stand -The grand opening of the farm stand  Saturday, June 21st, 2019.  The day always starts off with the incredible fellows, and food justice organizing team getting everything ready for the customers. This includes setting up tables, tents, payment station, and finally creating a beautiful display with the produce. A team of RBAC employees came out to assist and enjoy the event as well. The corner greeters were there. Mr. Davis was the emcee for the event. Family and friendly music always plays through the duration of the farm stand. Of course, the FreedomNet Community Newz team got great pictures and videos. See some of the pictures below.  Next, there was a coffee ceremony which is traditionally done in Ethiopia to welcome and bring people together. The smoothie bike was a big hit throughout the day. Children, young adults, and adults alike all had a blast biking to make their smoothies. There were strawberries, bananas, watermelon, and raspberries for the smoothies. People got to chose what fruit went in their smoothie! Some light refreshments/nutrition were provided in addition to the smoothies. The Corner Greeters were there and served lentil sambusas and lumpia. Of course, we can’t forget the entertainment. Northwest Tap Connection directed by the mercurial Melba Ayco came out and stole the show like they always do.  Towards the end Chef Ariel did a cooking demo. The lucky people there got to see and taste collard wraps. All the produce she used came from the farm stand!

Even though the grand opening is done, there is still plenty of time for you to come and buy local and inexpensive produce. It’s held at the north end of the parking lot of Ethiopian Community in Seattle (ECS) just off Rose Street. ECS provides valuable resources to the people in the community.   Do not let the name throw you off. Everyone is welcome. Anyone who visits is welcome to tour the center. Inside, a Cafe serves amazing coffee and traditional African snacks. In the community center, there are murals, pictures, and displays, all dedicated to Ethiopian culture a jewel in Rainier Beach.

A farm stand is a smaller version of a farmers’ market.  It is important to support farmer’s markets because they support local farmers, help protect the environment, and allow you to get fresh seasonal food. And of course, the Rainier Beach Farm Stand provides these benefits.  Yet, it also provides something more meaningful. The Rainier Beach Farm Stand welcomes everyone with open arms. Different people and cultures come together to enjoy fresh healthy food. Every Saturday provides a new wonderful experience at the site, such as a little boy reaching his tiny hand out for more strawberries, the smiles that light up people’s faces when they taste the produce, the Farm Stand Fellows having a dance competition, dancing with and interacting with our elders. It’s more than a farm stand. It’s a community and it’s ours. The farm stand is every Saturday from 10-2. 8323 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 Parking is now available on site. Hope to see you on Saturday!