The Regional Transit Task Force Report has been released on the RTTF website and three public forums have been scheduled to invite public comment, including one hosted by King County Council Members Larry Gossett and Larry Phillips on Tuesday, November 9.

The Executive Summary of the report can be downloaded from this link:

The complete report is available on the RTTF Website

Among the reports recommendations is this policy direction for service growth and reduction:

The current policy for transit service growth and reduction is based on three King County subareas (east, west and south) and was established in Metro’s 2002–2007 Six-Year Transit Development Plan.

For service growth, every 200,000 hours of new transit service is to be allocated with 40 percent to the east subarea, 40 percent to the south, and 20 percent to the west. This is called the 40/40/20 policy.

Any systemwide service reductions are to take place in proportion to each subarea’s share of the total service investment. Based on the current hours of service in each subarea, 62 percent of the reduction would have to come from the west subarea, 21 percent from the south and 17 percent from the east. This is commonly called the 60/20/20 policy.

Council Member Gossett recently released this message about the public forum:

As a result of the deep recession, Metro Transit continues to face huge deficits that will require more large cuts to bus service. Next week, a task force will recommend new policies to guide these major system changes.

I need to hear from you. Please join me on Tuesday for a special town hall meeting on the future of Metro Transit.

This meeting will be your chance to hear directly from Regional Transit Task Force members on what they are recommending and why. After their presentation, you will have a chance to ask questions and provide public testimony on what you think should be done.

We need to be sure that the final plan adopted by the Council prioritizes equity and social justice, and that the needs of our community are addressed.

I hope you will join me for this important meeting on the future of our transit system.


Larry Gossett


  • Event:Regional Transit Task Force Public Forum on
  • Date: Tuesday, November 9
  • Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Seattle University Campion Ballroom (914 East Jefferson St., Seattle, WA 98122)