RBAC recently got the chance to attend the Equitable Development Initiative Summit. The Summit was held at the Northwest African American Museum. They were multiple workshops. Here are some notes from the workshop called “The Power Of Organizing to advance policy change”

How to advance policy change?

Working along decision makers/community members

Cities need to slow down
Common understanding before developing/changing policy
Build relationships with city council and staff. Pushing from multiple sides. (The community side and someone on the council /government side)
Meeting people where they are
Fire of community-Get community members passionate
(When people are uncomfortable and angry they act)
Hold City accountable After Campaign
Coalitions come together to create a unified voice
Small business, faith based business, How do you want them to be a part of the development?
Community of preface policy?
Community needs to hold land. Collective Power!
How to get people to events?
Language justice-Make events accessible
Why should people be invested?
How does it benefit residents?
Deadlines equal pressure
City needs to be open at deadlines
How do we get regular residents excited about the food innovation district?——-Make it accessible