For 18 months the Rainier Beach neighborhood has been working alongside the City of Seattle to update the Rainier Beach 2014 neighborhood plan.   Homage was paid to those who spoke into the first one…people like Dawn Blanche, Seanna Jordan and James Luster.

The update had over 1,000 Rainier Beach residents engaged and speaking into it. Go to to read it and give us your comments at
Excerpt from last month:
In this reporters view the neighborhood planning going on in Rainier Beach is one of the most significant moments in the history of the neighborhood, yes since 1921.  Moments like this have occurred in the neighborhoods’ past, 1921, 1997, however this  2012 edition with its focus on creating linkages to the assets present in “The Beach” is a great idea.  The idea of linking the people, the schools (go Vikings), the businesses, the immigrant/refugee community, the public art installations, athletic events, open spaces, Kuboto Gardens, makes sense. The group of residents monitoring this process have decided to stay on the job and steer the communities involvement toward implementation.   For more information contact Harry Hoffman at206.276.1472 or email at