PBIS Update (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) – This fall, our PBIS team (Stew, Danielle and Gabbie) have been busy training organizations in Rainier Beach to encourage safe, respectful, and responsible behavior as a means of improving public safety. They recently finished a series of 4 trainings that were attended by 12 different organizations in the neighborhood ranging from dance studios to cell phone stores. Some of the organizations in attendance, include: Seattle Housing Authority, Bellwether Housing, Kouyate Arts, King Donuts, Empowering Youth and Families Outreach, NW Kidney Center, Walalaaha Market, and Lake Washington Apartments.

The trainings served as great opportunities for organizations to connect, share ideas, and learn from one another. For example, at one meeting, representatives from the different apartment complexes shared fun and creatives ideas for how to keep their indoor garbage areas clean. Additionally, five of the organizations who attended trainings reached out to Rainier Beach Action Coalition looking for further engagement. Since then, our PBIS team have worked on their behalf to conduct PBIS assessments of organizations, print “Be 3” signage, and place new trash cans outside of buildings.

If your organization would like to attend future trainings, contact Stew, stew@rbactioncoalition.org.

We have discussed the need to come up with a better name for this work than PBIS or positive behavioral interventions and support. If you have one for us let Stew know when you email him.